Thanks to EMU for Sponsoring the 2005 Heritage Festival

[Letter published in the Ypsilanti Courier, Aug 30, 2005]

I want to thank Eastern Michigan University for their title sponsorship of the this years Heritage Festival. It was a terrific event and it wouldn’t have been possible without EMU!

This weekend, as I walked through the festival grounds and saw how the Heritage Festival has improved and grown with the addition of new acts like the “Lah-De-Dahs baseball team,” I was filled with gratitude to live in Ypsilanti as well as with pride in my own local university.

Knowing that EMU was a major sponsor of the heritage festival led me to ponder how Ypsilanti’s “heritage” is inseparable from EMU’s and that the same is true for our futures. Seeing the City and the University partner and support each other in good times, like the Heritage Festival and also in hard times like the tough economic crunch we are struggling through together, gives me faith in the strength and potential that our partnership can have.

Again, thank you EMU for your sponsorship of the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival. As a resident of Ypsi and a neighbor to EMU, I truly appreciate it!


Steve Pierce
Ypsilanti, Michigan


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