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(November 28, 2006) Junk and abandoned cars parked on city owned property continue to be a problem for residents in one Ypsilanti south side neighborhood. A city-owned lot just south of the Ypsilanti Housing Commission’s Hollow Creek property at 118-124 S. Grove with a sign that says Visitor Parking is a veritable junk yard of cars and trash. (click on pictures for a larger view)

Many vehicles have expired plates, others have crashed front ends, flat tires, or broken windows. There is a thick layer of leaves on most car. Neighbors have said some cars have been there for over a year.

Trash also litters the site, especially going down the hill on the western side of the property. On our last visit before Thanksgiving, we saw trash bags, on old bed frame, and more spilling down the hill that leads to the abandoned railroad tracks and river.

Neighbors have reportedly complained about the property for some time, saying the City or Housing Commission patrols for a short while only to have problems return. The Housing Commission, in an agreement with the city, has used the parking lot for the past several years for Hollow Creek resident and visitor parking.

YpsiNews.com first learned of the parking lot in May 2006 at a monthly Ypsilanti Housing Commission Residents Council meeting when residents complained about continued problems with cars and trash. Unfortunately for residents, things continued to get worse.

Perhaps things will soon change. On Monday, the Visitor Parking sign was replaced with a new sign that says No Overnight Parking. The cars and trash, however, still remain.

See a Google map of the city-owned parking lot south of Housing Commission’s Hollow Creek Apartments on South Grove Street.


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