School Board ditches “Braves” name

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(December 13, 2006) Someone once said, “Boring government is good government.” The School Board meeting on Monday was anything but boring. The Ypsilanti School Board, in a close vote, has voted to remove the “Braves” name from the High School.

Watch Video of the Ypsilanti School Board, December 11, 2006

Over 100 residents, students, former students, and teachers packed the board room to learn the fate of the Braves name. After three hours of public comment, the School Board voted four to three to remove the Braves name from the High School. Voting to remove the name was Cameron Getto, David Bates, Amy Doyle, and Linda Snedacar-Horne. Voting to keep the name were Floyd Brumfield, Andy Fanta and Tom Reiber.

At 23 minutes, there was a very funny and informative report on the history of the name from Josh Glassman, Secretary of the Student Council. According to his research, the original name for the High School was the “Muni’s”. Founded in 1849, the school was called the Ypsilanti Municipal High School. The name was changed in the 30’s as Glassman said, “For obvious reasons.”

The names considered then were the Spartans, the Generals, and the Braves. Glassman asked, no matter what was the decision of the board, that the Student Council play the leading role in selecting a new mascot and name.

The highlight of the evening for many was the Ypsilanti High School Chamber Singers who sang three Christmas Carols at the very beginning of the meeting. They were awesome.

No word yet on what it is going to cost to repaint the water tower.

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3 Comments on "School Board ditches “Braves” name"

  1. trusty getto on Sat, 16th Dec 2006 3:56 pm 

    There won’t be any additional cost associated with painting the water tower or the gym floor, etc. The district intends to incorporate the changes into the routine maintenance schedules and re-do them when they need to be done. For example, when the gym floor needs to be refinished due to wear and tear, it will be, and the new name will be painted on the floor. When the paint starts peeling off the water tower, it will be repainted then, with the new name.

  2. Anonymous on Sat, 16th Dec 2006 4:02 pm 

    If people are really interested in how this change effected most of the students at Ypsi High, I am here to tell you.Starting Monday December 11, 2006 My fourth hour class took the whole class period disscussing the issue. The following day, a student made signs protesting the name change, he almost got suspened. Now why would a student get susupended for voiceing their opinion. Arent teachers stressing the fact that nobody has anything to say in class? BUt now a student gets on the verge of getting suspened because of it. To most teenagers we are the ones who are not listened to. Most of us at the high school believe most adults dont care, because ever time we state our opinion, either nothing changes, or we are shut down. Now we are going to be heard.

  3. doyleparty on Sat, 16th Dec 2006 10:05 pm 

    “Boring” government strikes me as the type where the public doesn’t bother to attend the meetings, and where the representatives give a “yes” or “no” vote, never revealing their reasons for doing so. Is that good government? Maybe to some.

    To me, good government–especially those meetings which invite and encourage public input and where each elected representative shows the courage to explain their position–is actually quite fascinating. But it’s certainly not neat or pretty. (And it’s probably not going to be brief!)

    Regardless of the outcome of the Braves vote, I learned a lot about our community at that meeting. I heard from parents and community members I have never before seen at a board meeting. And I heard from students, who are seldom in attendance. Their concerns and experiences are invaluable as we move forward. Some students may feel that their voices were not heard, but the more we hear from them, the more we can learn from each other.

    Amy Doyle

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