Ypsi Council hires new clerk, again

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(December 13, 2006) Hoping the second time will be the charm, Ypsilanti City Council on Tuesday, made an offer to hire a new city clerk. This time, Council offered the job to Saline resident, Rebecca Bintz.

City Council conducted the second round of interviews over two nights of special hearings. The first was December 7th (watch video), the second was December 12th.

Watch Video of the Ypsilanti City Council, December 12, 2006

Council had originally offered the job to Ohioan Lisa Johnson, only to have Johnson fail the background investigation. What started as a search with over thirty candidates came down to just three on the final night. The fourth candidate, Michele Curetin, failed to show up for the final interview.

Council waited about an hour for Curetin to arrive for her interview. When she didn’t, Council decided to forgo the special meeting scheduled for Friday night and began deliberation of the final three candidates.

Originaly there was seven finalists. Amanda Holsinger, currently the interim clerk, withdrew her name from consideration. With six candidates remaining, Council offered the job to Johnson. Council then withdrew their offer to Johnson. Now with five candidates, Council setup a second round of interviews. Another candidate withdrew from the second round of interviews, leaving four. When Curetin failed to show, that left just three finalists.

For a while, John Gawlas, (Dem, Ward 2) pushed to restart the interview process voicing concerns about not having a large enough pool to draw from. The rest of council seemingly wanted to press on with the current candidate pool.

There was a moment when several council members were unhappy when Mayor Paul Schreiber (Dem) asked that the selection of the new city clerk be a unanimous vote (1h 51m). Schreiber defended his request saying that when he was on the Housing Commission “they had an issue where an Executive Director did not have unanimous support of the board and it proved to be a problem that came up every once in a while.”

Gawlas immediately came to the defense of Schreiber’s position saying, “I would want to insure that any candidate coming into an office such as the city clerk’s office had that sense of confidence (of a unanimous vote by council).”

Schreiber got his way when Council voted unanimously to hire Bintz.

The City expects to pay Bintz about $58,000 a year plus benefits and retirement. That is about double what she was making at her last clerk job.


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