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(December 29, 2006) Ypsilanti is losing another downtown business as Oasis Cafe is set to close at the end of the year. Joy Inkton, manager of Oasis, said, “It has been a really tough year and half.” Long time customers have been stopping by over the past week to say good bye.

Oasis Cafe originally opened in 2000 and was managed by Paul Metler. Oasis was famous for their Cuban sandwiches and Caesar Salad. Struggling to make ends meet, it closed in 2004. After retooling the menu and redecorating, it was reopened in June of 2005.

Oasis Cafe was operated by Hope Clinic and Prayer Outreach Worship Education and Restoration. The building is owned by Hope Clinic. Besides food, Oasis Cafe was the very first business in Ypsilanti to offer free wireless Internet service to patrons.

In 2003, Oasis Cafe was profiled in a Eastern Echo story that talked about their mission of serving people and the community. Oasis Cafe was the central location of the 2006 Ypsilanti Christmas Dinner put on by Leonardo Christian. Serving hundreds of meals, police even closed off the street and over a thousand toys were given away to local families. Hope Clinic has not announced any plans for the building.


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