Editorial Cartoon 1/2/07

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Thanks to JJ Chandler for the picture.


3 Comments on "Editorial Cartoon 1/2/07"

  1. mwhyte72 on Thu, 4th Jan 2007 1:53 am 


    Offtopic – Steve, do you know who runs the South Side Neighborhood Website? Or if there’s even plans to move it past the template stage?

  2. Steve Pierce, Ypsilanti, Michigan USA on Thu, 4th Jan 2007 1:54 am 

    Email me, [email protected] and we can talk about the HSSNA website. – Steve

  3. ireland on Mon, 16th Jul 2007 9:36 am 

    Every time I drive past Waters street I get mad. My favorite comment in the whole scenario is how the level of contamination was higher than expected. I used to work in the environmental field and I could have told you from day one that it would never pass for a residential intensive community. It sounds like the city low-balled the phase one work and got what they paid for… crappy work that cost them more in the end…

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