Michigan think-tank says regionalization is solution

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(February 20, 2007) A Livonia, Michigan based think-tank has issued the first of four reports on regionalization in the State of Michigan. The Citizens Research Council, a 90-year old independent, nonpartisan research organization released today a 16-page report entitled, Regional Approaches to Economic Development: The Challenge of Economic Development.

CRC concludes that “While it is clear that preserving the old model is untenable, Michigan (is) struggling to transition to the new competitive requirements of higher education and skills, technological innovation, e-commerce, open trade, organizational flexibility, increased product and service diversity, and relentless competition. One promising approach that is emerging in Michigan and across the nation is the realignment of economic development efforts on a regional basis.”

The report goes on to say, “Regions are the logical basis for economic development.” CRC says that Michigan leaders should consider what North Carolina is doing by organizing all counties in to seven regional centers.

The second report will focus on effective regional economic development organizational structures, the third report are the results of a nationwide survey of regional economic development organizations. The final installment will describe some of the “contradictory theoretical and programmatic approaches to economic development.” CRC officials said the will be staggering the release of the next three reports over the next month.


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