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(March 26, 2007) If you didn’t have enough fun at the mayoral debates last summer, here is your chance to watch more comedy in Ypsilanti. Comedy Productions, which just opened an office here in Ypsilanti, and Pub 13 announces YPSILANTI IDOL COMEDY NIGHT beginning Monday, April 2, 2007 – 8pm and continuing weekly at Pub 13, located at 13 N. Washington in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

If you think you have a funny bone or your friends are always telling you that you crack them up, this could be your shot.

Each week five contestant-comedians will take to the stage performing a comedy routine, with an allotted time of 10 minutes. In the back of the room, on the bar, will be five jars, each bearing the name of the contestant. Throughout the hour long show, the audience will be encouraged to “vote” for their favorite contestant by “tipping” – placing money in the jar of their choice. At the conclusion of the show, the money (votes) will be counted. The contestant with the most money in their jar will be declared the winner and return the following week as “Reigning Champion.”

A 6th jar, along with a GONG, will also be placed on the bar. After a contestant has been performing for 5 minutes, the hammer for the gong will be placed on the bar. For $10.00, an audience member may “gong” a contestant off the stage. Upon being gonged, the performer must leave the stage without comment. A gonged performer is eliminated from the contest and their tip jar removed from the bar. An eliminated contestant still receives any monies placed in their jar before being gonged. The money in the gong jar will be given to the wait staff.

The House Emcee, armed with an official stopwatch provided by Comedy Productions, will keep time regarding the gong hammer and will also provide the performer on stage a 2-minute warning light within their 10-minute slot. At 10 minutes, the emcee will call out “Time!” and the performing contestant must immediately stop speaking. If the performer continues, they will be “gonged” and disqualified. Any money in their jar will be forfeited to the gong jar.

Interested performers should email [email protected] by Midnight on the Monday prior. (To be considered for the April 2, 2007 show, the deadline is Midnight March 26, 2007.) Contestants will be chosen by Comedy Productions and notified via email the next day. Contestants are required to be at Pub 13 by 7:30pm on the day of the contest. Late arrivals risk losing their slot to an alternate.

To promote YPSILANTI IDOL COMEDY NIGHT, Pub 13 will be tagging their current radio & print advertising and soliciting vendors as possible sponsors. Often, a representative from Comedy Productions will be present to watch performers for possible future work with the agency.

Pub 13 offers a full-menu but is still regarded as a bar. Minimum age for admission will be 18 years old. Admission is free.

For more information, please email [email protected].


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