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More fall-out from turmoil at High School

(April 12, 2007) The Ypsilanti Public School superintendent James Hawkins has sent a letter to the Washtenaw County Sheriff asking the High School liaison deputy be removed. According to Sheriff spokesman Cmdr. Dave Egeler, the Sheriff received a letter from superintendent asking that Deputy Sheriff Keith Flores be reassigned. Egeler said no specifics were given in the letter why the reassignment was requested.

According to Egeler, due to staffing shortages in the Sheriff’s department, it is unlikely a new deputy would be assigned to the High School for the remainder of the School Year. School ends June 8th.

The Ypsilanti High School has been racked by a number of problems over the last several months. Parents and students have alleged there has been an increase in school violence and discipline problems.

Sources at the High School have told that administrators were unhappy with the sheriff deputy over his failure to notify the superintendent and school board about the confiscation of weapons on school property and other incidents. Some of these incidents go back to the beginning of the school year.

There was also frustration with Flores when it was alleged that he turned over incident reports and other documents to members of the school board. Information that apparently had not been given to the Hawkins until he got it from members of the School Board.

The reassignment of the deputy follows on the heels of the resignation of High School principal Layne Hunt under a cloud of controversy. His resignation was effective at the end of the school year. Hawkins then placed Hunt on administrative leave essentially ending his term over spring break.

Watch video of the April 2, 2007 School Board meeting where Hunt’s supporters testify and School Board discuss problems at the High School.
Two school board members, Cameron Getto and Amy Doyle, resigned from the school board on April 6th. Two other board members, David Bates and Linda Horne, are now subject of recall petitions filed with the County Clerk last week.

The Ypsilanti Courier has written several excellent articles about the problems at the High School.

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