Oil discovered at Water Street (UPDATE1)

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(April 1, 2007) City officials will neither confirm nor deny the rumors. However, the results from Brownfield and other environmental tests leaked to YpsiNews.com indicate that substantial oil reserves have been discovered at the Water Street site.

After an exhaustive 6-month investigation and poring over thousands of documents, test results, consultant reports, and interviews with officials inside and outside Ypsilanti City Hall, YpsiNews.com has learned that substantial oil reserves have been discovered on the Water Street property. The 38-acre Brownfield site has been the subject of numerous public meetings because of the substantial pollution and underground contamination.

The discovery of commercially viable oil reserves on the Water Street property bodes well for the beleaguered project that has been struggling under ever increasing debt and no prospects for development. The city has been trying to convince residents that nothing was wrong with their original redevelopment plan to build over 800 condos despite the fact that the architects of the Water Street project had no experience building a housing development project of this scale.

City officials had their first hint of possible oil reserves in the summer of 2003 while digging exploratory environmental monitoring wells. These wells were paid for through an EPA grant to help the city identify and map the levels of contamination throughout the Water Street site. At first, the results were just thought to be signs of greater and greater contamination at the site. Despite repeated advice to stop digging, the city kept drilling.

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