Arsonist released back into the community

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(May 2, 2007) An arsonist charged with setting a house on fire in the City of Ypsilanti has been released back into the community on a personal recognizance bond. Chris Kearns was charged with setting a house on fire on Ballard as well as setting fire to several trash cans in Ypsilanti.

Kearns was arraigned on April 30th in District Court 14A-2 and was released with little more than a promise to appear for a pretrial hearing on Tuesday May 8th. Magistrate Thomas Truesdell set the bond. Many in the community wonder how a potential serial arsonist could be released back into the community on his own recognizance, especially given that he was charged with setting a house on fire.


2 Comments on "Arsonist released back into the community"

  1. Lynne on Wed, 2nd May 2007 6:28 pm 

    I am going to guess that this might have something to do with the overcrowding situation at the jail.

  2. Chris K. on Thu, 10th May 2007 2:11 pm 

    I agree, especially since it was my house he lit on fire. He did appear in court this week Tuesday and entered a plea of ‘no contest’ for which he’ll be sentenced on 6/18. Mind you, he’s out on the town in the meantime. We lost our CO and the insurance company is fighting hard about fixing the damage. After all the work we put into that place, this is what it comes down to? We’re tapped and ready to walk away but the last thing Ypsi needs is another run down repo’d house.

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