Howell City Council Member takes shot at Ypsilanti

(May 21, 2009) The City of Howell is considering toughening legislation to ban sexually-oriented business from their downtown. The former Ypsilanti Chief of Police George Basar, who retired and became the Chief in Howell, had suggested that Howell tighten their ordinances before adult businesses appeared in Howell. Last week, a planning consultant from Carlisle/Wortman spoke to the Howell Planning Commission about the issues and it was a discussion item on the agenda.

In a story reported in the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus, Planning Commissioner and City Council member Dawn Cooper is reported to have said during the public meeting, “All we have to do is think about what (Ypsilanti) looks like. We don’t want that here.

It is too bad a Howell City Council member has to take a cheap shot at a neighboring community by perpetuating untrue and negative stereotypes. There were three adult business in Ypsilanti in 2000. Today, despite what was reported in the Daily Press and Argus, there is just one. The other two were closed down, not because of the City of Ypsilanti’s planning ordinance, but because they were operating illegally and were in violation of both the State health and fire codes.

One of the businesses, an adult video store, in order to avoid prosecution including possible tax evasion charges, agreed to pay the city $100,000 plus he gave his building to the City and he promised to not return. The City later sold the building for some $80,000.

According to Chief Basar when he was here in Ypsilanti, the one remaining adult business had been in the community for over 20 years and has never caused any problems and has always worked well with the local police department. Chief Basar said there were more problems at the bus station across the street then there ever was with the lone remaining adult business.

We believe it is appropriate for a community to set standards and create zoning regulations in their downtown districts. However, to demonize a neighboring community, especially when what Ms. Cooper said was untrue, is politics at it’s very worst.

We called Ms. Cooper to invite her to lunch in Ypsilanti, our treat. Perhaps after she visits Ypsilanti, when she thinks of our community, she will see Ypsilanti and our Downtown for what we truly are and not for some stereotype formed from bigotry and ignorance. We will let you know if she accepts our invitation.


3 Comments on "Howell City Council Member takes shot at Ypsilanti"

  1. bruceg on Tue, 22nd May 2007 7:24 am 

    There are some very nasty and stereotypical things I could say about Howell and its residents, but I feel the need to take the high road.

  2. dmcbass on Wed, 23rd May 2007 10:24 pm 

    Let us know where you’re going. I’ll put on my best June Cleaver pearls and take her some home-baked bread.


  3. Steve Pierce, on Wed, 6th Jun 2007 2:04 am 

    I have made several calls to Dawn Cooper’s office, but she hasn’t returned my calls. Perhaps we should make a road trip. I hear there is a Howell City Council meeting next Monday at 7pm.

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