AATA Bus dumps oil on Ypsi streets

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AATA bus leaking oil on Pearl Street

(June 9, 2007) An AATA bus suffered a major engine failure on Saturday while on a route in downtown Ypsilanti. The resulting oil spill left a trail of oil a 1/2 mile long along Adams, Washtenaw, Washington, and Pearl.

Residents attending afternoon service at area churches on Adams and Washtenaw had to step through and over the oil spill when crossing the street. An AATA mechanic as well as a contract security guard spread ‘floor-dry” at the bus stop to absorb some of the oil. While the floor-dry was picked up at the station, AATA did nothing to try and mitigate the oil spill on the rest of the streets. Most bus engines have an oil capacity between 8 and 10 gallons.

AATA employee spreads floor-dry to absorb oil spill.

Ypsilanti residents passed a special road millage in 2000 to repave all the local streets in the city. All four of the streets covered by the oil spill had been recently repaved. According to paving experts, motor oil is especially tough on asphalt, causing premature failure of the road bed surface.


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  1. nshore on Mon, 11th Jun 2007 7:28 pm 

    Thanks for the article, Steve.

    As a frequent rider of the bus from Ann Arbor to Ypsi, I can say that I have never seen this happen, so I am sure this was just a one time occurance.

    I am also glad to see all of the work the AATA is doing to become more environmentally friendly including purchasing hybrid buses. Learn more about the ways the AATA is trying to be more green during Ann Arbor’s Green Fair this Friday: http://www.theride.org/pdf/dumppump.pdf

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