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(June 20, 2007) In a packed Board room of Eastern Michigan University, besieged president John Fallon said he is breaking his silence over the murder of Laura Dickinson and the investigation of the response by Eastern Michigan University. Fallon invoked the memory of President Harry S. Truman by reminding audience members of the famous phrase, “The buck stops here.”

Watch EMU Board of Regents meeting– June 19, 2007

“Ladies and gentleman, President Truman was absolutely correct. And I, as president of Eastern Michigan University, did not, do not and will not pass the buck to anyone.” Fallon went on to say, “I apologize to you and say; never again will such a confounding series of mistakes be made on my watch.” Fallon’s statement begins at 2min:44secs into the meeting.

Fallon continued to read from his statement saying, “This administration and I have been encouraged to be silent publicly. That approach did not serve this situation well.”

This was the first public statement by Fallon since the Regent’s Butzel Long report was released June 8th.

Fallon, after the meeting, told reporters that he had no additional statements to make regarding the investigation and he would wait until the U.S. Department of Education releases its report into violations of the Clery Act later this month.

Insiders in the President’s office told YpsiNews that a CNN camera crew was on campus and was scheduled to interview President Fallon after the Regent’s meeting. Good Morning America reported this morning (story, video) that no officials from EMU were available for comment. So while Fallon says he is breaking his silence it appears Fallon and EMU officials are remaining largely silent on the subject of Laura Dickinson and her slaying.

Prior to Fallon’s statement, Board President Thomas Sidlik said the Board of Regent’s would not be taking any action today. Sidlik also announced that EMU would be hiring Security on Campus, Inc. Sidlik said that Security on Campus would train officials at EMU and provide expertise on matters of campus safety and compliance with the Clery Act. Sidlik expected the training to be completed before students returned in September. After Sidlik made the announcement, several audience members applauded.


4 Comments on "EMU president promises changes"

  1. Cousins Vinyl on Mon, 25th Jun 2007 8:29 am 

    Well, this was a big deal, but I think it’s time for us to move on. I’m sure everyone has learned their lesson and will be much more carefull and alert going forward. EMU needs some positive news – let’s hope they’ve got some coming to them. I don’t know if Fallon needs to be fired – we need to stick with a president. Let’s give him another chance. Maybe this will make the campus safer and encourage some positive actions throughout the university in the future.

  2. ypsiville on Fri, 29th Jun 2007 1:59 pm 

    If I had a child attending EMU, I would have no confidence in the administration. I think they need to make changes.

  3. jibjab on Tue, 3rd Jul 2007 2:22 pm 

    I think this is major blackeye for EMU. It is a disgrace to keep the President – he should be fired for failing to act appropriately. It’s evident they are still unwilling to acknowledge what happened – referring to it as a “death” instead of a “murder”. “president” Fallon is a complete wanker in my opinion….

  4. ypsiville on Tue, 17th Jul 2007 11:26 am 

    Actually, my child goes to the EMU Children’s Institute (preschool). I am so glad those responsible are gone. You can’t have any tolerance or understanding for those who put our children at risk.

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