$50 parking tickets anger local residents

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City of Ypsilanti issues $50 parking tickets to local residents.

(September 10, 2007) Welcome to Ypsilanti, have you met our parking officers recently? In the past two weeks, many residents and returning students have and they are not too happy about it. There is a steady stream of people at city hall each day that have run afoul of Ypsilanti’s onerous parking regulations.

Neighborhoods close to Eastern Michigan University have restricted permit only parking on city streets. Offenders have to pay a $50 parking ticket if caught without the correct permit. The program, put in place two years ago, was championed by both City Council members from Ward 2, Bill Nickels (Dem) and John Gawlas (Dem). However, most of the tickets are being handed out in Ward 1 and Ward 3.

In the past, Ypsilanti City Police had put warnings on vehicles during the first two weeks of school to remind residents about the parking regulations and to give new residents time to go to city hall and get a permit. However, this year, there were no warnings, the tickets were just written.

The $50 ticket is one of the steepest parking fines in the state. Once a resident gets a ticket, they can’t get a permit until their ticket is paid. Yet, it can take up to two weeks for the payment to process through the city’s contractor so residents can’t get a permit immediately, further frustrating residents.

Local residents and homeowners are also angry as the City did not send out notices to current permit holders reminding them to get a new permit. In the past, the city had sent out notices reminding current permit holders to renew their permit in August. During the public hearings on the permit plan, city officials had promised residents that there would be no renewal fees and reminders would be sent and notices put on windshields. In past years, the city also posted notices on the city’s website and sent word out through neighborhood associations. The city did none of these things this year.

There is no charge for a neighborhood parking permit renewal, however residents must come in person to city hall to pick up the permit. One homeowner, William Allen on North Adams, wrote a scathing letter to the City, Mayor and Council, calling the $50 ticket his “permit renewal notification”.


One Comment on "$50 parking tickets anger local residents"

  1. Susan R on Fri, 21st Sep 2007 8:15 pm 

    I am sure to some people the parking tickets are
    excessive. However, having had to argue, cajole,and
    ask politely students to please not park over into
    our driveway for the past 24 years, the tickets and
    stickers are a blessing. I really do not feel the
    city has to send out notices to people to renew the
    stickers as there is a renewal date on the sticker.
    I do not know how many tickets are given out in the
    1st and 3rd wards but, I do know the parking officers drove down W. Cross twice Wednesday and did not ticket the 3 cars that were out there without stickers. This is not the way the program
    was meant to be carried out.
    All in all, I am very happy with the program and
    wish to see it continue.

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