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(December 21, 2007) Charles Boulard, Building Official and Building Department Manager has announced that he is resigning effective January 4, 2008. Boulard was one of the longest serving department heads at the City of Ypsilanti. Boulard led his department during a tumultuous time for the City. He oversaw a shrinking department while tasked with new responsibilities such as the City’s Vacant and Dangerous Buildings ordinance and frequent legal battles with Ypsilanti property owners.

Boulard briefly served as interim City manager earlier this year when City Manager Ed Koryzno took an unexpected and lengthy medical leave of absence. City Manager Ed Koryzno took a medical leave of absence on March 9th. Controversial City Clerk Rebecca Bintz was cast as the new interim City Manager on March 12th under provisions of the City Charter. Sources inside City Hall had indicated that Bintz was not happy about being appointed Interim Manager. Citing her unfamiliarity with the city and that she was the only employee in the department, the next day Koryzno appointed Building Inspector and Building Department manager Charles Boulard as Interim City Manager.

Boulard is the 12th department manager to leave the city in the last three and half years. Sources inside city hall said Boulard has taken a new job but did not say where. YpsiNews made several calls to Boulard’s office but those calls were not returned.


2 Comments on "Building Dept. Manager leaves Ypsilanti"

  1. egpenet on Tue, 25th Dec 2007 1:01 pm 

    This is terrible news.

    Charles Boulard has helped tremendously to make Ypsilanti a better city, a safer city in which to live, helping greatly to improve the quality of housing stock and code enforcement within the city.

    In my capacity of an HDC Commissioner, I can add my further disappointment with his absence. Charles helped the HDC with many issues involving preservation and code compliance.

    I personally wish Charles well in his future.

    – Ed Penet

  2. jibjab on Wed, 26th Dec 2007 3:52 pm 

    It certainly seems to be yet another blow to an already beleaguered city hall. I can’t help but think there is more to this story…

    Why isn’t there more of an explanation or transition plan for the next building dept. manager from such a long time manager…?

    As for improving “code enforcement” that seems laughable – due to the fact the City doesn’t even have it’s own housing up to par for a C.O of it’s own.

    This city is a real disappointment – it can’t even count it’s own money – much less hire or retain competent staff.

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