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(March 18, 2008) YpsiNews.com has started broadcasting Ypsilanti City Council meetings live.

We are very excited about this technology. As long time readers know, YpsiNews pioneered video recording of Ypsilanti City Council meetings in August of 2006. YpsiNews was the first to regularly post videos of government meetings using Google Video and during the past 20 months, over 30,000 people have watched our videos.

Live broadcasting is the next step in using technology to get more people involved in government.

By partnering with Ustream.TV, hundreds of people can watch a meeting at the same time. This wasn’t possible with earlier live streaming systems. In the past, as more viewers watched then video and audio quality became worse until you couldn’t even hear the broadcast.

Ustream.TV changes all this because they are the broadcast studio, and we become the remote broadcast. Everything we need to broadcast fits in a backpack. All we need to broadcast a show is a camera, a laptop, and a high speed Internet connection.

Now that Wireless Ypsi covers most of the Downtown and Depot Town area, we can broadcast live from almost anywhere in Downtown and Depot Town.

Ustream.TV can easily broadcast to hundreds even thousands of users all at the same time.

An added benefit of the live broadcast is we can post an archive of the meeting that same night. So viewers won’t have to wait days or week for our post-production to upload videos.

In the coming months we hope to broadcast other live events including live broadcasts from the Crossroads Summer Music Festival every Friday night from Downtown Ypsilanti.

We will also shortly roll out live chat so that viewers can comment and talk to other viewers as the meeting proceeds.

We have the capability to live stream a PowerPoint presentation or photographs. In the future, we hope City Government will get us advance copies of any presentations or materials they plan to distribute or show to the council. If they do, we will make sure viewers of YpsiNews TV can see what the Council is seeing just as if you were there inside Council chambers.

As always, if you would like to help with this effort, both in technical expertise, as well as help with recording meetings, please email us any time.

Ypsi City Council 2008.03.18 Part 1


Ypsi City Council 2008.03.18 Part 2


Ypsi City Council 2008.03.18 Part 3


Ypsi City Council 2008.03.18 Part 4


Ypsi City Council 2008.03.18 Part 5


Ypsi City Council 2008.03.18 Part 6



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