Video of Depot Town DDA meeting

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(April 23, 2008) Depot Town DDA meetings are rarely boring but often long. This meeting didn’t fail to disappoint on either account. Allegations were made that a local Depot Town business owner threatened to make sure a new business would never open in the Thompson Building.

Squabbles broke out over the DDA director choosing winners and losers for facade grant application sent to the state without board review. At the urging of the mayor, the DTDDA then approved, in a 5-4 decision, the facade grant application after it had already been sent to the State.

The board even approved the FY2008-2009 budget while many of the board members had not even seen the budget prior to being it being presented at the meeting. The board also approved changing the pay of the DDA director, authorizing money to be transferred directly from the DTDDA account rather then being combined with the Ypsilanti (Downtown) DDA budget.

Mayor Schreiber also apologized for the Ypsilanti DDA’s failure to complete the evaluation of the DDA director saying it was due to the DDA board being lazy.


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