Video of joint Ypsilanti City Council and Township Board meeting

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(April 30, 2008) The City of Ypsilanti and the Charter Township of Ypsilanti held a joint meeting on Thursday.

City and Township elected officials made plans to form a joint fire response system called automatic mutual aid. The plan calls for both City and Township fire departments to respond simultaneously to any structure fire in the City or Township.

The plan would result in more firefighters responding to a fire call which should result in lower fire insurance bills for residents. The new system will also be safer for firefighters as there will be more firefighters on scene.

The Township approved the plan in January and is waiting for Ypsilanti City Council to approve the final plan. Details were hammered out during planning sessions held in 2007. The plan has the support of both fire chiefs and both firefighter unions. Officials in both the Township and City said that outside of additional cost for fuel and minor wear and tear on the equipment, it won’t cost either department additional money.

Officials estimated that there would likely be one or two calls per month. Township Clerk Brenda Stumbo suggested that both boards consider a trail period to work out final details.

The township also committed to spending $5,000 as their contribution to the Spark East business incubator planned for downtown Ypsilanti. The City of Ypsilanti had already committed $15,000 over three years for Spark East.

The City and Township committed to holding more joint meetings on a quarterly basis.


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