State Treasurer report: Ypsi is fiscally OK

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(May 5, 2008) According to a recent study by the Michigan Department of Treasury, Ypsilanti is not on a watch list of troubled communities.

Far from it. Ypsilanti scores very well, garnering a 2 out of 10. A lower number indicates lower risk. A score of 0 reflects the presence of neutral fiscal health and a score of 8 or above reflects a local unit experiencing fiscal stress.

That is a good news for the City as it prepares for a new budget this month.

According to the state, Ypsilanti was above average in fiscal stability scoring a 2.

The average score for Michigan cities was 2.4 for the fiscal year ending in 2006. The Department scored 269 of the 274 cities for which information was available. The breakdown for each numeric category is listed below:

0 to 4 Fiscally Neutral
5 to 7 Watch List
8 to 10 Fiscal Stress

Key factors from nine categories are analyzed and assigned points. They include, but are not limited to:

1. Population growth
2. Real taxable valuation growth
3. Large real taxable value decrease
4. General fund expenditures as a percent of taxable valuation
5. General fund operating deficits
6. Prior general fund operating deficits
7. Size of general fund balance
8. Fund deficits in current or previous years
9. General long-term debt as a percent of taxable value

Ypsilanti got 0’s (best score) in all but two categories, population decline and Debt Ratio. Since 2000, Ypsilanti’s population dropped by 619 residents. SEMCOG is predicting that by 2035, Ypsilanti will lose less than 100 residents over a 30 year period or a 0.4% drop.

By comparison Ann Arbor scored a 1, Saline was 0, and Chelsea was 3. Outside the County, Highland Park and River Rouge both scored 8, Hamtramck was a 7, and Pontiac and Belleville scored a 5. Last week, Pontiac has recently been placed under supervision by Governor Granholm pending a 60 day review by financial experts appointed by the State.

View Ypsilanti’s Report
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4 Comments on "State Treasurer report: Ypsi is fiscally OK"

  1. trusty getto on Wed, 7th May 2008 1:59 pm 

    Hmmmm. Back when we were talking about that silly city income tax thing, supporters of the new tax were saying that our insurance rates would go up because our risk assessment would worsen.

    This doesn’t mean that all that talk was just a bunch of bullshit, does it?

  2. Steve Pierce on Wed, 7th May 2008 3:11 pm 


    Don’t you remember, the city had a $1.3 million surplus but they didn’t release those numbers until after the City Income tax election in November.

    – Steve

  3. rodsmith on Fri, 9th May 2008 3:28 pm 

    I’m still amazed that anyone thought the tax was a good thing.

    Smoke and mirrors to push a particular point of view is nothing new in politics, but as far as I can tell, there was no particular advantage to the tax proposal.

    Anyway, that is history, and I hope the City can get it through its head that it can cope if its prepared to be creative.

  4. jydog on Wed, 1st Apr 2009 10:32 am 

    Now it would be nice to know for just what the income tax revenues were to be used. I doubt it was to eliminate the 80% surcharge on our YCUA bills.

    It’s too bad we’re in such good financial shape. Given the city’s need for a viable tax base, why don’t we just demand that the state dissolve the city’s charter? Under such a scenario, we should be absorbed into the township gaining tax base and spreading the existing debt across a greater number of taxpayers.

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