Filipiak decides not to run for Ypsi Council seat

(May 7, 2008) Brian Filipaik (Dem, Ward 3) has decided to not seek election for a second term. Filipiak who is one of two city council members to represent the northeast part of Ypsilanti in Ward 3. Brian Robb is the other member of council but his terms doesn’t expire for two more years.

Filipiak said that his decision not to run is not a reflection on any specific issue or difficulty at the Council, but rather his desire to finish his Masters at Eastern Michigan University. He says he has just three more classes before he completes his degree in Educational Technologies.

Filipiak said that the experience as a council member was very rewarding. He said he very much enjoyed getting to know other members on council and it has been an incredible education in both local and state government.

Filipiak said that he couldn’t point to any specific highlight, but that he was was most happy when Council could work together to bring a new business to town. He also said that he was especially moved by the hundreds of people that would come together to work on an issue. He said, “Blueprints was especially uplififting to see all that came out. That is very encouraging for the success of Ypsilanti.”


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