Video: Ypsilanti Depot Town DDA September 24, 2008

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Ypsilanti Depot Town DDA met this morning at Barnes and Barnes for their monthly board meeting. Topics included looking redoing the City parking lot at Ballard and Cross Street. The renovation of the parking lot including lights, planters, and complying with city planning and site plan requirements would reduce the number of spots from 32 to 25.

The DDA approved expending up to $6,500 for the repair of the Signal tower in depot town. THey haven’t selected the contractor so pre-approving the amount based on the bid submitted by Ron Rupert from Home Services telegraphs to other prospects what is the maximum bid the DDa will approve.

The board agreed to spend up to $8,000 for more holiday lights. (Whatever happened to calling them Christmas lights?)

The Friends of the Freighthouse made a report and promised the long awaited business plan would be ready by December 31, 2008. Mayor Paul Schrieber (Dem) told the board, “A rock solid business plan was needed to justify why (the DTDDA) was spending taxpayer money on the Freighthouse.


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