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The Ypsilanti Police Department and the Friends of the Ypsilanti Police received an award and a $15,000 grant from the MetLife Foundation. The funds are unrestricted and may be used as the police determines.

The City announces that this week is fire prevention week in Ypsilanti.

City Staff presented their Economic Development Work Plan.

Richard Murphy from the Planning Department brought forward a rezoning of the Automotive Heritage Museum (the Hudson dealer). It was approved unanimously with the exception of Bill Nickels that abstained because he sits on the museum board.

Leaf pickup came back for the third time. Karl Barr Jr. stated there was an urgency to get the ordinance passed before the leaves start falling. The city simplified the ordinance to make sure that leaves are not swept into the streets and branches are properly bundled.

Audience Participation. Gary Hann congratulated the council for their fiscal management and thanked Ypsilanti Police Chief Matt Harshberger. Hann is still unhappy about the trash removal and a fine that is costing him some $330.

Sadly, No one else spoke at audience participation.

A brownfield plan was brought before council for 300 W Forest Ave the former site of Ave Maria College and now the new home of The plan includes Tax Increment Financing (TIF) of $99,000 due the city. The owner is also seeking $350,000 is Michigan Business Tax credits. The TIF plan would be paid off in two years. The brownfield plan was approved unanimously.

The City then considered the purchase a $85,000 garbage truck. The justification for the truck purchase is due to the reduction in staff in the public works department. The truck reduces the job of trash pickup from two people to one. The employee cost the city about $50,000 a year. It is unclear if the mechanical arm to lift the trash cans will work with the Downtown and Depot Town trash cans.

Under Council proposed business, Lois Richardson had nothing. Brian Filipiak brought up the evaluation of the City Manager and City Clerk. Brian Robb updated the Council on the Luna Lake project in Propspect Park and reported that the Police had deployed a Taser for the second time.

John Gawlas said he appreciated the timely update on the Taser use by the police department.

Bill Nickels had a list of 10 residences that had couches on the porch. He also talked about what the city could do to restart electricity generation at the Peninsular dam.

Trudy Swanson reported the lights are out at Monroe and Perry. She also asked if there are any updated on Parkview. Ed Koryzno said the tenants association has filed suit against HUD to prevent HUD from moving residents out of the property. Mayor Schreiber said HUD want to transfer ownership of Parkview rather than tear down Parkview.

Mayor Schreiber suggested the two people on the Huron Water Shed Council to get involved in any dam discussions.

Next was the appointment of of boards and council members. Schreiber asked that the appointment of Cheryl Farmer be withdrawn as she did not meet the requirements of the Ethics Commission. The rest of the proposed appointments were approved.

Ed Koryzno said that he and Lois Richardson attended an MML conference last week.

Audience Participation. Lee Tooson spoke about the police department. No one else spoke this evening.

The meeting was then adjourned at 9:18p


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