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The Ypsilanti Depot Town DDA met this morning at Barnes and Barnes for their monthly meeting.

There was a “differing of the monds” between board members and the DDA Director Brian Vosburg. Brian Vosburg wanted to act as the point person with SEMCOG for the commuter train that plans to stop in Ypsilanti.

Vosburg told the board that the City Council had appointed him (Vosburg) to represent the City at SEMCOG and he said he was concerned about appointing someone else to represent the DTDDA at SEMCOG.

DDA Chair Dave Wheeler reminded Vosburg that he does not work for the City but works for the DTDDA and DDA and they decide which projects and committees he serves. Wheeler told Vosburg that the DTDDA board works at teh pleasure of the Mayor and Council but the DDA Director does not work for the City.

It was obvious from the discussion the DDA Director was looking at other possible locations for the train platform that could possibly be outside Depot Town. Vosburg said the issue is a city wide issue and it should be a city decision.

It appears the DDA director may be working against the best interests of Depot Town by advocating for the train platform outside the DTDDA district or at a location far from the center of Depot Town. Business owners in Depot Town have long wanted the train stop to be at the Freighthouse or the vacant Depot or the Maple Street parking lot.

Wheeler said Vosburg could attend the SEMCOG meetings, but he would represent the DTDDA at SEMCOG.

The DTDDA Board passed a resolution, unanimously, to appoint Dave Wheeler to represent the DTDDA in any discussions with SEMCOG regarding the train stop in Depot Town.

The Board also changed the meeting date starting in January. New meetings will be on the 4th Thursday of each month at 8:00a. Meetings will alternate between Barnes and Barnes on W. Cross St. and Utilities Instrumentation on N. River St. The Boar also canceled their December meeting.


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