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Gary Clark made a presentation about Give Local Ypsilanti.

Audience Participation

A number of residents spoke in support for Brandy’s Liquor store at 902 W. Michigan Avenue.

The City of Ypsilanti has filed suit in District Court asking the property be declared a nuisance. A court hearing had been set for December 14th. Neighbors have complained for years about chronic problems with crime, drugs, and trash as a result of the business operating on the corner of Summit and Michigan Ave.

Gary Hann spoke giving his appreciation for the police department, city clerk, and city assessor. Mr. Hann asked for his fine to remove trash from his property. This was Mr. Hann’s third request in as many meetings.

Resolutions and Ordinances

On first reading was a new ordinance called. “Adaptive Reuse Planned Unit Development Amendments”. This new ordinance was to try to ease re-use of non-conforming property in R1 and R2 districts. After significant discussion, more questions arose and the matter was tabled.

The council then approved a levy of all special assessments on the December 2008 Tax. A tax abatement was also approved for QC America which is a new business in the West Industrial Park off Michigan Avenue.

The council approved a agreement with Attorney Neil Lehto for contingency work from suing Comcast for franchise fees Comcast may owe the city for service provided for students on EMU campus. If successful, the City may get upwards of $70,000 after fee for Lehto.

Council then considered two Water Street resolutions. The first directed the staff to determine how much money the City has spent on Water Street up to the present. The resolution further directed the staff to track all new expenditures and to treat those expenses as loans to be paid back the City when the project is completed.

The second Water Street amendment directs the staff to consider all possible development projects for the property that generates the needed tax revenue and is not a detriment to the community. Previous plans called out for mostly residential development.

Water Street

Water Street update from April McGrath. The Planning Commission is meeting on Wednesday to continue discussions on making a planned unit development (PUD). Council is planning a special meeting in December to talk more about Water Street.

The EPA grant through the county has been submitted and is up to $600,000.

CBRE has up to 4 proposals that are in the works for Water Street. Housing plans including active senior, multi-family, and a possible grocery store on Michigan Avenue. McGrath said to expect any proposal to take a year or more after the city agrees to a buyer.

Council Proposed Business

Brian Robb (Dem, Ward 3) suggested the Human Relations Commission take a look at the issues surrounding Brandy’s. This was supported by Trudy Swanson (Dem, Ward 3). The Council also passed a resolution directing City staff to postpone the lawsuit against for 60 days.

Audience Participation

Mr. Hanna from Brandy’s Party store spoke again saying the City has been harassing their store and customers.


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