Video: Ypsilanti City Council Dec 2, 2008

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Council repeals City Income Tax Ordinance.

Ypsilanti City Council met on Tuesday evening for their regular bi-monthly meeting. Brandy’s liquor store was again the central issue before Council. Residents from Midtown Neighborhood Association. The meeting got out control as the Mayor became confused on parliamentary procedure and a shouting match broke out between neighbors and Trudy Swanson (Den, Ward 1). Mayor Schreiber repeatedly banged his gavel as he tried to regain control of the meeting.

Police Chief Matt Harshberger gave an update on the nuisance suit filed against the owners of Brandy’s liquor store.

Sorting out Roberts Rules of Order the council revisited the matter of Brandy’s. After an hour long discussion, many times contentious, council members kept asking the the Mayor to follow Roberts Rules. Mayor Pro-tem was in rare form as she railed against Midtown neighborhood as the audience then got back into the debate and the Mayor had to gavel them again. The best part starts about 58 minutes into the meeting.

Council failed to pass a resolution to refer the matter to the Human Relations Commission and voted to ask the city attorney to delay action for 60 days.

The Council then passed a resolution repealing the City Income tax ordinance. The resolution passed unanimously.

Council tabled action to repeal the towing ordinance and then passed the updated snow removal ordinance.

Council gave the City Manager and City Clerk a 2.25% raise retroactive to last summer.

City Council Minutes, Dec 2, 2008


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