Beal owes Ypsilanti over $84,000 in back taxes (update1)

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According to records obtained from the Washtenaw County Treasurer, Ypsilanti landlord Stewart Beal and his associated companies owe $84,136.96 in past due property taxes to the City of Ypsilanti. The report, dated April 6, 2010, lists the 38 properties Beal owns in the city.

Of the 38 properties, Beal is past due on 17.  Past due pay payments include missed payments in September 2009 and February 2010.

Beal owes $21,358.88 in back taxes on this apartment building in Ypsilanti.

Beal owes $21,358.88 in back taxes on this apartment building at 206 N. Washington in Ypsilanti.

For 206 N. Washington, Beal owes $21,358.88.

On Beal’s property at 711 Pearl St, he owes just $7.13.

Beal was before City Council on Tuesday regarding the fire ravaged Thompson Block in Depot Town.

After the fire in September 2009, scaffolding  was installed to support the walls of the building. The scaffolding and braces block part of the streets on both River and East Cross.

Beal was hoping to get a contract with the City that would have permitted the streets to continued to be blocked until October 2010, some 13 months since the fire.

During his testimony, Beal said the City could not hold up the proposed contract over past due taxes as the company that owns the Thompson Building, Historic Equities Fund 1, LLC, was current on their taxes.

When asked about his other properties, Beal admitted he did owe other taxes in the city and responded that he would pay them “soon”. Beal did not say how much he owed or when he would pay his taxes.

The Thompson Building was part of Beal’s portfolio owned by Beal Properties, LLC. Beal transferred the Thompson Building to Historic Equities Fund 1, LLC in 2008,

Council voted to not give Beal a contract or extend the time the scaffolding can remain in the right of way.

City Attorney John Barr said he has already prepared the filings to sue Beal to get him to remove the temporary supporting structures from Cross and River and require Beal to properly secure the building.

See the Beal Tax Report

(UPDATE1) April 9, 2010 12:24p Because of a math error, the amount owed by Mr. Beal reported in an early story is incorrect. Mr. Beal owes is $84,136.96 not $86,068.80 as was originally reported. The error was made by the reporter.


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