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Recently while sorting through a soul /funk collection he’d just acquired, Geoff Anderson, co-owner of Cousin’s Vinyl in Plymouth, Michigan got very excited. He came across a 45 labeled in bright yellow by Mustache Records, with the song “Back To Ypsilanti” by Lee Osler.


Anderson lives in Ypsilanti and possesses a great deal of “Ypsi-Pride.” Geoff describes Ypsilanti as “Kind of a cool town – we have Eastern Michigan University, Historic Depot Town, the famous water tower, a local music scene, and the Huron River running straight through town.

It is a little rough around the edges in some areas with some not-so-cool things so it doesn’t have the greatest reputation. Plus, it’s next to Ann Arbor, which gets all the attention and love. But there’s something about it that has some charm, something that makes it somehow cool to live in Ypsilanti.”

Which is why to Geoff’s delight, Lee Osler’s “Back To Ypsilanti” turned out to be one of the sweetest songs he had ever heard when he first put it on his turntable with the volume at full blast. He says it’s an “upbeat dance-funk gem.” It is the most prized record in his entire collection.

Every visitor to the Anderson home knows the song. According to Geoff “Everyone loves it, dances to it, and sings along.” The lyrics are all about Ypsilanti, mentioning Depot Town, the water tower, EMU, and street names. The song was a local hit and in 1983 was declared the official song of Ypsilanti by the Ypsilanti City Council.

It is estimated that 500 copies were pressed.  Geoff Anderson is making it his mission to revive this song. He has plans to talk with Lee Osler to learn more about his career. If you have any related information, stories, or memories, Geoff invites you to email him at [email protected]

However before you even inquire, Anderson states emphatically “No, this copy is not for sale!”  Geoff Anderson will be bringing Cousin’s Vinyl to the Corner Brewery (720 Norris Street, Ypsilanti) certain Sundays throughout the summer for “Halcyon Sundaze.”

You can dig through crates of classic & vintage vinyl while DJ’s spin tunes. Yes, “Back To Ypsilanti” will be played and you’ll be able to drink from a batch of Halcyon Summer Wheat beer. The event takes place out in the beer garden from 2:00pm to 10:00pm and is family friendly. The Corner Brewerey and Cousin’s Vinyl will be doing this event once a month during pleasant weather.


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